Recent Releases

    Console 2018-06-21

    Change Description Impact New Added the Manage Properties section to enable management of API clients and settings. Automatic New Added the Manage Application section to display application overview information and to enable management of global settings. Automatic Fixed Resolved issue causing the search results page to fail when an invalid flow is configured globally for the ccp_flow_name, ccp_flow_version, or ccp_flow_locale settings.

    Configuration API 2018-06-21

    Change Description Impact Fixed Resolved issues with the validations enforced on boolean and integer settings on the /clients/{client_id}/settings and /settings endpoints. Automatic Fixed Resolved issue preventing custom settings from being deleted on the /clients/{client_id}/settings endpoint. Automatic

    Configuration API 2018-05-31

    Change Description Impact New Added schema rules to the /entityTypes/ endpoints. Automatic New Added an optional has_feature parameter to the /clients endpoint to support filtering GETs by client features. Automatic Fixed Resolved issue with the validation enforced on the email_sender_address setting on the /clients/{client_id}/settings and /settings endpoints. Automatic Updated A 409 Conflict error will be returned if a PUT or DELETE is requested on a resource that is currently being updated.